Short Stories, Poems and Humour - LIST

This is a list of short stories and humorous pieces written by me, most of which have been published in newspapers. Some of these pieces I have transcribed onto this website, and these have been linked.


Published in Deccan Herald, Bangalore

  • A gentle and gutsy girl - a short story for children

  • TLC for Akshay, published in "Open Sesame", the Children's section, on 22nd March 1992. (A short story for children).
    cartoonist: Arry

  • Vinita's secret, published on 4th of July 1998.

  • Anita and the magic stone, on 26th January 1992.

  • No luck for lazybones. On the 3rd of May, 1992. A Moldavian folk tale re-told.

  • The fate of a book - Slice of Life. On 13th October 1992. 
  •  The Two Women - Flash Fiction. on the 4th of September 1993

Published in The Times of India, Mumbai

Unpublished - or published on my blog


Published in Deccan Herald, Bangalore
  • A Writer’s Woes on 25th April 1991.

  • Baby Blues, on 17th July 1991

  • Two Daughters on 22nd November 1991.

  • Driving made easy, on 10th June, 1991.

  • Not maid for each other on 15th October 1991

  • Success at last, sometime in February 1991.

  • Give me Red, on 7th November 1992

  • Escape Clauses on 8th December 1992

  • NIMHANS here I come on 30th April 1993.

  • Sterling Qualities on 13th February 1993.

Maid for each other

Published in The Telegraph, Kolkata.

  • Maid for each other  (different from the one published in Deccan Herald)
  • Luring kids with Baggio Curry and Romario desserts on the 8th of July 1994.

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