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Published in Midday, Mumbai.

  • Book Nook on 2nd February 1992. This is about the country's first women's bookshop.

Published in The Telegraph, Kolkata

  • The Business Fare, in January 1996. About the growing market for management books.

  • A Space of our own, on 4th August 1994. About Streelekha, a womens' bookshop.
A Space of our own


Published in The Telegraph, Kolkata

  • Current Affairs, on 27th October 1997. About how to choose white goods based on electricity consumed.

  • Less equal than others, on 11th July 1996. This was about the price of cooking gas in West Bengal.

  • Caught on the wrong foot, on 22nd of February, 1996. About whether the Consumer bodies should intervene in the matter of refund of tickets of cancelled shows.

  • The wise take precautions, on the 14th of March, 1996. This is about the poor functioning of consumer courts.

  • Personal choice, multiple options, on 25th April, 1996. Advice on how to buy a computer.

  • Of cards, convenience, and carefree shopping, on 18th July, 1996. How to choose the right credit card.

  • It is the best of times, on 14th November 1996. How to choose a watch.

  • How to keep your electricity bills from spiralling, on 28th September 1994

  • Make safety the first priority, on 28th September 1995. About how to buy real estate.

  • Strict law enforcement needed, on 22nd June 1995. About harmful packaging.

Published in the Times of India, Bangalore

  • Doctor in the dock, on 29th January, 1993. About patients' grievances.


Published in Deccan Herald.

Cartoon by Rohini

  • An unspeakable horror, on 14th Sept 1992. This is about child abuse and the psychological problems that children face.

Published in The Telegraph, Kolkata

Victims of our own ire

  • Time, parents' best gift to children, on 3rd March 1995

  • Small screen big crimes, on 6th of August 1996. About the effects of violence on television on children.

  • Victims of their own ire, on 25th November 1994. This was about children with violent tendencies and how to handle them.

  • Luring kids with Baggio curry and Romario desserts, on 8th July 1994. A light-hearted piece of advice on how to control football fever in children.

  • Spend time with your children - they need it, on 28th October, 1994.

  • Help survivors cope with disaster, on 4th August, 1995.

  • Spare the rod and not spoil the child, on the 16th of February, 1996.

  • When the clock strikes, on 2nd April, 1996. About the tussle between parents and children about curfew time.

Published in the Times of India, Bangalore

  • Know your child's teacher, on 2nd April, 1993.


Published in The Times of India, Mumbai

  • Crime on the Rise, on 20th January 1998. About increasing crime in high-rise buildings.

Published in The Telegraph, Kolkata

  • Price of Confession, on 16th October 1996. About Sudipa pal who turned approver in the famous multiple murder case which rocked Kolkata.

  • Make sure of your servant's credentials, on 2nd June, 1995.

  • The preys of wrath, on 7th May, 1995. About the psychology of rapists.


Published in The Times of India, Bangalore

  • What ails our education system. 1993.

Published in Deccan Herald

  • Do you know your children's teacher? on 16th September, 1994.

  • Hold your nose and listen to the teacher, on 27th March 1993. This is about issues with schools like overcrowding, and lack of infrastructure.

Published in The Telegraph, Kolkata

  • Innovation in teaching methods, on 2nd of December, 1995. About teaching workshops.

  • Fear of Meeting teachers, on 15th of April, 1996.
    Fear of Meeting

  • Whose marks is it anyway. On the 20th of May 1996. These are interviews conducted with students and teachers to discuss whether or not a school should take responsibility for the poor marks of their students.

  • Scoring a point, on 3rd June 1996. About the connection between early schooling and professional success.

  • A visionary approach: Teaching law without letters, on 11th September 1996. About how a volunatary organisation (DISHA) is demystifying the law for ordinary people.

  • A song for her, on 8th December 1996. This is about an awareness campaign for the girl child, in commemoration of the Decade of the Girl Child.

  • Scoring points, on 30th December 1996. Analysis of makes a good school.

  • The hidden persuaders, on 2nd December 1996. Advertising as a career.

  • Into the Unknown, on 22nd of July, 1997. About career counseling in schools.

  • Into the Unknown, on 22nd Septembet 1997. About the importance of career counselors in schools.

Published in the Times of India, Mumbai

  • ICSC schools have no seats for out of town students. On 11th of April 1998.


Published in The Internation Indian.

  • Keep the faith. In the 2008 issue, Vol 4. This is about multi-religious society in India.

Published in Deccan Herald

Published in The Telegraph, Kolkata

Teenage Sex

  • Teenage sex, on 17th June, 1994. About teenage lifestyle at the time.

  • Single-minded and on their own, on 30th April 1996. This is about the lifestyle of single people in Bangalore.
  • Who really won the Miss World Title, on 12th January 1995. This is a review of the Miss World competition which Aishwarya Rai won.

  • Singleminded and their own, on 30th April, 1996. Interviews with singles in Kolkata.

  • Far from providential, on the 14th of August, 1996. This is about the dissatisfaction with the pension scheme announced by the government.

Published in The Times of India, Bangalore

  • Nomads of a different kind, on the 4th of April, 1998. In Saturday Times. About familes on the move.

  • Who's the fairest of us all? on 25th December 1993. Interviews with Bangalore's models

  • Back to the future, on 4th June, 1994. Lifestyle piece, a cover story in Saturday Times. About wearing backless

  • Dignity Regained, in January 1993. This is about the efforts of K.M. Basvaraju to rehabilitate prostitues.

  • Death on the road, on 11th June, 1993. About emergency services for accident victims.

  • Corporate comforts, on 30th January 1993. About company residential complexes.

  • Meeting ground, on 9th October 1992. A story on singles in Bangalore and the clubs where they meet.

Published in The Economic Times, Mumbai

  • Dress Addressed. On 15th October, 2004. In a special supplement of Eco Times called A Touch of Class. Cover story.


Published in The Times of India, Bangalore

  • Food for thought, on 4th June 1993. About the working of the Bangalore city corporation's food laboratory.

  • Aiding Awareness, on 27th November 1992

  • The way to lose weight, on 7th October 1992

  • Dangerous Diet. On 4th of November 1992. About harmful chemicals in food.

Published in The Telegraph, Kolkata

  • Strict law-enforcement needed, on 22nd June 1995. This is about the harmful effects of using non-food-grade plastic and paper.

  • Harmful metals in food, on 2nd February, 1995.

  • Overpresciption a growing trend, on 21st December 1995.\

  • Inviting slow poisoning and death, on 10th November, 1994. About chemicals in food.

Published in the Times of India, Mumbai

  • Couch Therapy, on 9th April, 2006, in Times Wellness. About the importance of seeing psychiatrists.

  • Truth full. Desmytiying myths about the ears. On 8th October 2006. For Times Wellness

  • Should adults be vaccinated. On 8th January 2006. In Times Wellness.

  • When the world goes round and round. On10th September 2006. This is about BPPV.

  • Are you young at heart? On 24th September, 2006. This is about keeping your heart young and healthy. In Times Wellness. (linked to the newspaper article)

  • Be a smart diabetic. On 12th November 2006. For Times Wellness

  • Are we raising a myopic generation? On 10th April, 2005. For Times Wellness

  • Tobacco Kills, on 22nd May, 2005. In Times Wellness.

  • Moody Food, on 24th July 2005. About how what we eat affects our state of mind.

  • Watch what you are eating from, on 25th June 2005. About carcinogens in food. For Times Wellness.

  • Vaccination - what's the confusion. On 25th December 2005, a cover story for Times Wellness.

  • The safest drop. On 28th August 2005, in Times Wellness. About autologous blood.

  • Are we eating fast food at home, on 11th September 2002, in Times Wellness.

  • You could be slowly poisoning yourself. On 6th March 1998. Harmful plastics.


Published in Deccan Herald

  • Waging War against exploitation, on the 6th of March 1992. This is about the exploitation of domestic workers.

Published in The Statesman, Kolkata

  • The new face of domestic help, published on 9th July 1994.

Published in Midday, Mumbai

  • Darkness at Noon, on 24th November 1992. This was about the IPS officer T. Harikrishna, who was killed by the notorious bandit Veerappan. His family was interviewed after his death.

Published in The Times of India, Bangalore

  • Slim Pickings for Slum Project on 17th April 1993. This is about a government project for slum dwellers and its implementation.

Published in The Telegraph, Kolkata

  • A song for her, in the issue of 9th December 1992. About the awareness campaign for the girl child


Published in The Times of India, Bangalore
  • Fair Deal at the Helm, in February 1991. This article is about women getting a fair deal at the helm.

Published in Maharashtra Herald, Pune.

  • Liberation vide Vimochana, on 21st September 1991. This is about a womens' group.

Published in The Telegraph, Kolkata

By Subrata Gangopadhyay

  • For that right image, on 23rd March, 1997. Kolkata women who formed a committee to monitor how women are portrayed in the media. Written with Ruma Nagpal.

  • Acts of faith, on 25th August, 1996. About the women priests of Pune.

  • You cannot touch my soul, on 29th October 1995. A review about a film on wife-beating, domestic abuse. Co-directed by Rinki Bhattacharya, an Indian writer, columnist and documentary filmmaker. The name of the film: Char Diwari, her debut documentary film.

  • When Mother is Father too. Cover story in the Sunday section, on 28th May 1995.

Published in The Statesman, Kolkata

  • Lessons from Beijing, on 5th November, 1995. About a women's conference.


Published in The Times of India, Bangalore

  • Against the tide, on 16th October 1992. A profile of C.N. Janaki, a paraplegic from Bangalore who crossed the English Channel in a relay, the world's only severely disabled person to do so at the time.

  • For Man, Animal & Nature, on 2nd October 1992. This was about Prof. N.S. Ramaswamy, the founder of CARTMAN.

Published in Eve's Magazine (I was a regular correspondent for a period of time)

  • Love Blooms Again for Chandra and Sandhya in September 1992. This is an interview with the famous cricketer B. Chandrashekhar, and life after cricket.

Published in Sunday Herald

  • The fabled world of Aesop, on 2nd August, 1992. This is the profile of the legendary storyteller which was written after a lot of research.

Published in the magazine, Savvy.

  • Cook King. Interview with a famous Kolkata chef, Deepak Kumar Singh alias Munna Maharaj.

Published in The Telegraph, Kolkata.

  • A Green in the lab, on 6th October 1996. An interview with Dr Haimanti Dhir, who at the time was a director in Arpita Agrotech, a scientist who made environmentally friendly products. Today she owns Natureway Agro Products.

  • A passion to succeed, in August 1994. A profile of C.N. Janaki, a paraplegic from Bangalore who crossed the English Channel in a relay, the world's only severely disabled person to do so at the time.

(All the images/cartoons published in this post appeared together with the article, except for the photo of Eve's mag) 

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