Monday, September 23, 2019

Book Launch at PILF19 with Javed Akhtar

My thriller "The Hawa Mahal Murders" was launched at PILF19 with Javed Akhtar. Here he is holding my book! An honour I was lucky to receive because The Hawa Mahal Murders was a PILF contest winner!

So, the prize winner (The Hawa Mahal Murders) was launched at the inauguration of PILF. A surreal experience for me. Other eminent people were present on the stage with me including Manjiri Prabhu, a popular mystery writer, Sidharth Jain the ceo of StoryInk, Mr Vishal Soni, ceo of Vishwakarma Publications and Mrs Agarwal, from the founding family of Vishwakarma.

An extra-large poster of my book can be seen below.

Sales of my book at the venue were brisk. Looking forward to some reviews now!

It was an exhilarating moment! More about my experiences at the PILF later!

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