Saturday, January 18, 2020

Book Reading at the Quill And Canvas in Gurgaon

Reading excerpts from The Hawa Mahal Murders at the Quill And Canvas in Gurgaon on the 11th of January 2020 was a unique experience. For one thing, I was reading excerpts from my book at a cosy art gallery and book store called the Quill And Canvas in a glitzy mall. It was the third time I was doing a book reading and I found myself slipping into the mode very easily this time.

Book readings are a way to reach readers in different parts of the country, even if huge crowds don't make it on the day itself. The flyers go out and advertise the reading and that counts for a lot. All in all,
it was a satisfying day. More so as I met members of the online group, Senior Reading Racoons, a little later, at the same venue. I talked about my book, challenged them with a mystery quiz and yes copies of book were sold.

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