Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Hawa Mahal Murders in the Crime Fiction Lover Newsletter

I have a potential audience here in India who I can reach with my book The Hawa Mahal Murders but reaching out to an audience outside India is a challenge. We Indians happily read about Americans solving mysteries and going on adventures but the Americans have enough on their plate and don't go seeking Indian crime stories! If they do read anything Indian it's high brow literary stuff which goes on to win a Booker prize.

But there is another kind of fiction out there. My kind of fiction. Entertaining, racy and of course well-written.

That is why it was gratifying that a popular US site like Crime Fiction Lover mentioned my book
in their newsletter.

Crime Fiction Lover was set up by two journalists who love reading crime stories – everything from atmospheric noir to thriller mysteries and police procedurals...Our aim is to bring you helpful and concise articles, covering as much of the genre as we can. From Scandinavian crime fiction through to hardboiled detectives, and from cutting edge contemporary right back to the Golden Age, wherever there’s a mystery novel, we’re interested. We can’t cover every new release, but we do our best, and try to provide fellow fans of the genre with the best impartial buying advice on the internet. 

They have written about an unknown author from a different continent. I think this kind of integrity is rare in the world of the web.

Added Later: My novel was also mentioned on their website on Friday the 25th of October under the autumn releases section:

And on their facebook page:

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